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Groups And Specialist Services

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Groups with Zephyros

A large part of our work is to provide multi activity programs and specialist services to varied and unique clients; school and university adventure holidays, military decompression, sports training camps, remote access advice, stunt consultation, television and film projects, drone and device recovery.

With our wide range of skills and experience, we can put together a bespoke package. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.


Our group, multi activity programs can be run over 1 day or an entire week, we offer activities such as sea kayaking, snorkelling, rock pooling, stand up paddle boarding, climbing, orienteering, survival training, etc.


Our specialist services include rescuing crashed drones from difficult locations, providing remote access and safety advice for film crews and photographers and many other one off jobs that require a unique approach.   

Walk in the Wild

Groups And Specialist Services 

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and to work through options and scenarios.

We are happy to put a package together for most requests.

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